December 7, 2020 the Constitution Association, its three main officers, and a dozen other plaintiffs, filed a lawsuit against Kamala Harris for being ineligible for the office of Vice President of the United States. She was served March 9, 2021. After defaulting, when we filed a request for default judgment the U.S. Attorney representing the Government of the United States responded. We have now responded that they have no standing…learn more in this video.


11 thoughts on “Daily Dose: Kamala Harris Lawsuit Update

  1. Logic and Constitutionality doesn't live in the judicial system, a foreign body of the united States. Apparently, the Constitution is not Maritime law, which they follow. Could you challenge the courts in a private, not public, basis? Great challenge and info!

  2. Hi Doug! I was bummed that class was cancelled UNTIL I found out why! Thanks for the update! I attend the Carlsbad class and I am SO grateful that you teach this class. My Thursday nights are off limits for your class! I pray for you and your family and I know more do! I will definitely be supporting you and the lawsuit team! God bless you! Renee

  3. Hi Doug! Jerome and I are so happy to be part of your Carlsbad class. You guys are fighting an uphill battle with our corrupt government but you have God, truth, and our glorious constitution behind you. I will send a donation through the constitution association for your cause and bring an extra donation for you on Thursday. Thank you for taking on this fight. Miss 2% is not only NOT a natural-born citizen, but she is also NOT a legitimately voted in vice-president. Keep up the great work!!

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