Who was the U.S. Constitution written for, and why is it believed you have to be an academic or a lawyer to understand it?


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5 thoughts on “Daily Dose: Academia, Lawyers and Truck Drivers

  1. Doug, we are subscribed to your channel because we want to hear what you have to tell us about the Constitution, your experience and knowledge. I have never heard and I am not really interested in hearing about the folks you mentioned. It's worthless, just wasting time – yours and ours – with such insignificant stuff. We appreciate you and your efforts, want to hear your thoughts and foundings about the Constitution and history! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

  2. No worries. All YouTubers get attacked in some way or form. It's part of the deal. There will always be trolls and idiots, and I think many need to know they try to push your buttons without really contributing to the conversation. I enjoy hearing your background and it adds a personal touch to learning this important info.

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