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We Are Winning!

Some of us remember when American Exceptionalism was an idea revered by Americans. We appreciated our liberty, and recognized that the Founding of this country with documents like the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were considered an inspired foundation to our liberty and great position in the world. We recognized that the principles of this country were connected to the idea that we have God-given rights, and that those rights are not only self-evident and endowed upon us by God, but that they are unalienable. We remember the excitement and emotions that were shared on Independence Day, and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before each school day. The National Anthem was honored, and often song with tears in our eyes…and the history of our great country was told accurately, and with loving care.

Those days are still with us. The claims that parents who stand firm for their children, and patriots who visit the Capitol to hear their President speak are domestic terrorists are the desperate cries of an ideology that knows it is losing. Veterans, parents, and patriots are all standing firm against the un-American policies of the current, illegitimate elitists who have seized control of our government, but we are reminded that Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that we have the right, and the duty, to alter or abolish such despotic government. We are not the insurrectionists; those who stand against the U.S. Constitution are.

We are in the final five chess moves of a brutal chess match, as a friend of mine has pointed out to me, and they know that checkmate against them is inevitable. They are against the ropes, dizzy, confused, and desperately swinging in all directions hoping they connect a big knock-out shot to our jaw, even though they can barely see through their swollen, bloody eyelids.

We are winning. They are desperate. Keep up the good fight. Keep up the rallies, the classes, and the local activism. Keep pressuring and demanding a changing of the guard when it comes to our local leaders who refuse to abide by constitutional principles. Keep going to school board meetings, city council meetings, and county supervisor meetings. Keep walking your precincts, and keep canvassing in search of the truth. And most of all, keep praying.

The First Amendment has five rights listed in it. Religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. Pray, talk, write, gather and be activists, in other words. Notice, though, it begins with prayer and ends with activism. All the other stuff in the middle doesn’t work if we don’t start it all with prayer, and finish it with activism. ACTIVIST is not a dirty word. Patriotism is love of country, and standing against the government is not an anti-government stance.

It’s a pro-Constitution stance.


We are winning.

We are winning.

Stand with me, fight with me, and let’s make America Constitutional Again.

Keep up the good fight, and we’ll see you in the Constitution Classes, meetings and events. Organized we are strong together…

Stay Strong

Stay Focused

Stay Involved


We are winning!

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