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One thought on “Constitution Radio: The Way Forward

  1. The True RINOs🦏

    Before Nixon’s Southern Strategy flipped the roles of our two major parties, the two issues that defined Lincoln’s Republican Party were (1) the recognition that Americans of African origin were entitled to freedom and civil rights and (2) opposition to insurrection. In 1861, a mob of Democrats unhappy with Lincoln’s election victory sought to break into the U.S. Capitol to disrupt the certification of electoral votes. Unlike Jan. 6 of this year, the mob was unable to breach the Capitol, but the unhappy states then seceded and went to war with the U.S. Lincoln could not have more vigorously opposed the insurrection.

    Based on this history, a true Republican should be a strong supporter of civil rights and strongly opposed to insurrection. Since many modern Republicans in Congress and many residents of secessionist states seem hostile to civil rights and soft on insurrection, they are the true RINOs.

    Opinion article by Jim Jones.

    Jim Jones is a Vietnam combat veteran, an eight-year Republican attorney general of Idaho, a 12-year justice of the Idaho Supreme Court and a former Republican, often mistakenly called a RINO.

    Can we please have an authoritative definition of RINO?
    Reposted this opinion piece written by JIM JONES, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR 07/16/21

    Categories: Campaign, Opinion

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