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  • True Poll Data Reveals Mass Exodus of Democrats towards Trump
    • Colorado Rally Data
    • No Candidate can stand toe to toe with Trump … Especially Mike Bloomberg … Washington Examiner headline: Trump takes 2020 lead, 52%-48%, all Democrats ‘probably lose’.
    • Latest Economist/YouGov survey: Most voters believe Trump will probably beat all of his Democratic challengers by at least 19 percentage points.
    • Congressman James Clyburn from South Carolina: While on FOX News, when asked about record black employment under President Donald Trump, Clyburn replied, “we were fully employed during slavery.”
    • If Bernie Sanders has a good Super Tuesday he could have an insurmountable delegate lead that could only be busted up by a brokered convention because the establishment super delegates refuse to support Bernie.
      • Brokered Convention: Presidential nominating convention that fails to nominate a candidate on the first ballot because no candidate gets the votes of more than half the delegates.  This could lead to a complex series of negotiations by people in the party who hold the power to control or persuade other delegates.  While, if candidates were willing to convince their candidates to get behind the front-runner (contested convention) the lead candidate may be able to avoid a brokered convention and land the nomination, the vitriol among the current slate of Democrat Candidates makes it pretty obvious that that will likely not happen.
  • What the Democrats really want; because it’s ridiculous to think their aim is to save us from the prosperity we are experiencing under Donald J. Trump.
  • Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months (close to Barr’s recommendation), and will be pardoned.  It’s a non-story.  So why are the media hounds so obsessed?
    • Roger Stone’s case only emerged because of the fake Mueller prosecutors and the fake and discredited Russian Dossier.  Never a crime.  They lied, they forged documents, they lied to the FISA court.  Nothing in the whole Russia, Russia, Russia thing was real.  It was a fraudulent investigation looking for a crime that did not exist.  So how is it that Stone can be in jail for supporting Trump in the face of a fake investigation?
  • Trump’s West Coast Visit: California, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona.  Big crowds, points voter focus on Democrat Party failures.  Can Trump help in rebuilding California?
    • California Failures: No new water storage facilities built since 1979 (claims we have droughts, passes draconian laws limiting water usage, thousands of acres of once green farmland bone dry), mass homelessness, increased drug usage, sky-high crime rates, 50% of illegal aliens in the country live in California, environmental policies that are actually worse for the environment once in place.  It’s like the Tesla, which claims to be environmentally friendly, until you look at the environmental devastation involved in its manufacturing process.
  • Obama claims credit for Trump economy
    • Obama once asked how Trump was going to bring jobs back; by waving a magic wand?  They believed under Obama we were in an era of decline.  Our best days were behind us.  Under their policies, they would have been right.  Now that Trump has the economy booming, Obama has admitted it is booming, but rather than bash Trump, he’s been trying to take credit for it.
  • How Trump, with his pardons and commutations, is playing the Democrats … and they don’t even know it.  Pardon of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagovich a great example.

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