Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs

1-3 pm on Saturday Afternoon
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  • Merry Christmas
  • New Year, New Contract
  • Constitution Study by Douglas V. Gibbs coming to television
  • Impeachment 
    • Constitution Does not give Pelosi authority to change impeachment rules
    • Founding Principles: The Importance of Due Process
    • Congresswoman Val Demings: Trump should be impeached regardless of Quid Pro Quo
    • Pelosi: Impeachment necessary to stop voters from “dangerous” action of reelecting Trump
  • Martin v. City of Boise: Illegal to criminalize homeless behaviors
    • Cruel and Unusual Punishment, 8th Amendment
    • U.S. Supreme Court rejects the case
  • Iowa man sentenced to 15 years in prison for burning LGBTQ flag
    • Is Justice truly blind?
    • In drive for equality, why are differing political views being criminalized?
    • What would have been the penalty for burning an American Flag?  How about burning a Confederate Flag?
  • Louisiana Purchase Anniversary
  • How California aided in Virginia’s flip to blue
    • Virginia another example of the dangers of democracy, and the reality that we are losing the republic
    • Virginia willing to use National Guard to enforce new gun laws
      • Why are gun laws not being challenged on the basis of constitutional prohibition of ex post facto laws?

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