Constitution Radio with 
Douglas V. Gibbs

I thought we were going to begin the show with a reading of the Declaration of Independence, but Alan is mixed up in a bunch of rallies, and won’t arrive until the second hour of the show … at which time we will read the Declaration of Independence.

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Today’s Topics:

◉ California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Orders are NOT LAW

Declaration of Independence, reading of, and discussion regarding

◉ Cultural Marxism, what is it and how is it being used against us

◉ The Truth About Slavery

◉ The Truth About Face Masks

◉ A Familiar Echo

◉ The Left is Becoming Desperate

◉ Which Black Lives Matter?

Democracy Versus Republicanism

◉ From Newsom to Biden, the socialists are authoritarians

◉ Trump’s Actions Discredit the Accusations of Racism

◉ NFL Finally Lost Me

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