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  • Coronavirus came from China, our communist enemies!
    • Europeans complain Chinese coronavirus test kits failing
  • Despite the lies and hysteria, Trump has handled the situation as if it was necessary to do so, while remaining skeptical over the whole thing.
  • Anyone who dares to disagree with the leftist narrative is shut down (i.e. me on Facebook, Trish Regan)
  • While WHO claims high mortality rate of at least 3.4%, non-influenced scientists who have no political agenda to support claim it is less than 1%.
  • 82% of people who have coronavirus do not experience symptoms, or experience mild symptoms (Washington Post)
  • Only 20% of the passengers on the Diamond Princess contracted the infection … if it is so contagious, and we have no immunity to it, then why would only 20% of the people in a small, confined space like a cruiseliner, get sick with it?
  • Chris Herstam of the Arizona Mirror: GOP members should be shot
  • Democrats offer 1,400 pages of non-coronavirus pork in relief package bill.
  • James Clyburn, D, South Carolina: Tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.
  • Diane Feinstein sold off millions of dollars of stocks in the days before the coronavirus crashed the market.
  • Keynesians seek “stimulus” to save the economy … with what money?  Where did it come from?  $2 Trillion package?
  • Louisiana: Churches threatened with military force if they gather to have a service.
  • Maryland: People threatened to be arrested and jailed if they don’t obey quarantine mandates.
  • California: Governor Gavin Newsom orders 40 million Californians to stay home.
  • New Jersey: Man cited for hosting wedding during coronavirus outbreak
  • Democrats in full panic mode as Trump’s approval continues to climb
  • Suddenly travel bans and border security is popular
    • PEW Research: 95% agree with coronavirus travel bans
  • Biden accused of sexual abuse in 1993.  Media glosses over the allegation.

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