After President Obama swore up and down he stood for a New Hope, but then we realized that the Democrats was simply a Menace that should be Attacked, The country awakened and brought in the last guy anyone expected to orchestrate the rise of liberty.  But, The Revenge of the Progressive Left through deceit and fraud led us to where we are now, The Return of the Communists in our country to power.  But, the American People have awakened, and now its time for The Constitution Strikes Back.

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs

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Topics on Today’s program:

  • Are the State Election Audits Constitutional?
  • Are the Mask and Vaccine Mandates Constitutional?
  • From Escaping Religious Persecution to Watching Its Rise in America
  • The Sinister Truth about Biden’s Betrayal of Afghanistan
  • Economic Breakdown
  • Trying to Solve Racism with Racism

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