Resident Biden’s speech in response to criticism over six executive orders he has made regarding gun rights was full of inaccuracies and Saul Alinsky tactics. Douglas V. Gibbs, a.k.a. Mr. Constitution, goes over Biden’s words line by line. Is the argument that he is infringing on our gun rights and that his actions are unconstitutional bizarre? and
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10 thoughts on “Biden 2nd Amendment Speech “Not Absolute”

  1. The criminal usurper is tell us what he and the cabal are going to do. They have already stolen the presidency and we've let them get away with it. They have already stolen many of our freedoms and we've let them get away with it. They have already stolen our military and we've let them get away with it. They've already put over 60 executive orders into play and has grotesquely overstepped federal reach and we've let them get away with it. He's telling us in this speech that he's going to dissolve the 2nd Amendment. They've already decided to pack the courts. This "analysis" by this "committee" to review the court system is only ceremonial. They will pack the court with libtards and the courts will finish dissolving our 2nd Amendment and the rest of the Constitution. There will be pockets of blood shed over it, and if we lose, it will be game over. We will be enslaved. He's telling you what's coming down the pipe. He's tell you, people. This is coming. It IS coming. We either get off our damn laurels and do what it takes or we are going to lose this nation. They are already overstepping the power of the states. We have to get organized. They've cut off many means of communication. The militias across the nation need to have a gathering and there needs to be leadership. Convention of States is important and could end up playing a bigger role than what it implies. I'm supporting convention of states because we don't know what the future holds and that one piece of organization could help keep patriots together and organized. Which move are we waiting for and what's the plan? What's the hierarchy of players, and how does this need to get done. We have to stop losing ground.

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