Military Police System has come out with a unique select-fire 12-gauge combat/tactical shotgun called the “Auto Assault 12 Automatic Shotgun”, or “AA12 Automatic Shotgun”. The full-auto-only Auto Assault 12 Automatic Shotgun fires at a relatively slow rate of 300 rpm (rounds-per-minute) and employs the “Constant-Recoil” principle, which is a recoil attenuation/mitigation system that was first invented and patented for utilization in a gas-operated weapon by legendary small arms designer/developer L. James Sullivan for the Ultimax 100 LMG (Light Machine Gun), back in the late 1970’s. “Constant-Recoil” allows a lightweight gun to outhit a heavier gun on full-auto. Since it utilizes “Constant-Recoil”, the bolt group of the AA12 Automatic Shotgun never impacts the rear of the receiver, but rather runs out on the long 2-stage recoil/operating spring. This action eliminates the majority of felt-recoil, and thus greatly enhances controllability on full-auto. The result is more hits on target. The Auto Assault 12 (AA-12) Automatic Shotgun is manufactured from “corrosion resistant, high impact, heat-treated stainless steels and high-impact plastics”. Supposedly, the Auto Assault 12 shotgun requires no lubrication (unconfirmed/unverified). Rounds are fed from an 8-round box magazine, 20-round drum mag, or 32-round drum mag. That’s a lot of 12-gauge firepower in a fully controllable package. Since the AA-12 shotgun fires at the relatively slow rate of 300 rpm, there’s no need for a semi-auto setting on the AA-12’s selector switch. Any skilled operator can easily control the round output via trigger control, including singe shots and double taps. In other words, the operator’s trigger finger IS the selector switch. The Auto Assault 12 (AA12) Automatic Shotgun also features a quick-change barrel system. Barrel lengths are from 13″ to 18″. –


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