Opinion by Allan McNew
Wednesday, 9/25/19, I called the office of my Congressman, Raul Ruiz (D CA). To begin, I stated that I had an important thought for the Congressman and added it would take a while to explain the circumstances behind my opening statement and that I was embarking on a dialogue rather than a long winded, abusive tirade.
The message:
The Democrats in the House of Representatives must be banking on the notion that the American people are frickin’ stupid with the perpetual impeachment circus they’ve been putting on for the last three years.
I did some research on Jerry Nadler (D NY), Judiciary Committee Chair, active Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) member and relentless pursuer of impeachment proceedings against the President. While his name wasn’t directly connected to the RCP that I could find, there were numerous search results from his searched name pointing to the Revolutionary Communist Party in Berkeley. I found a fiery RCP manifesto dated to just shortly after Trump was elected in 2016 that obstruction and resistance of every type was to be implemented. While the RCP intended for the resistance to be conducted in the streets as they want to foment direct violent revolution rather than engage in politics of any type, that’s exactly what’s going on in the House of Representatives.
Then I found the Communist Party USA had released a statement, while not so foaming at the mouth as the RCP rant, which stated their goal of changing the government was suspended for now (italics in original statement) due to the priority of stopping Trump. There was also some discussion of their members in the Democratic Party in Congress not making their CPUSA affiliation known as it would hinder their goals.
I went into the relevant under the circumstances fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, both California Senators (Harris, Feinstein) and nearly all the Democrat presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders, are bourgeoisie who’s personal lives and business dealings don’t match their political rhetoric.
Enter House Member Ocasio-Cortez (D NY), who is also a DSA member. She was elected by about 57% of the minority of about 13% of those eligible to vote in her district. By the manner in which the DSA affiliated “Justice Democrats”ran her campaign they have an iron grip on her, for if she strays from the DSA / “Justice Democrats” script she will be dumped overboard and primaried out at the next election. She is essentially a brainless political puppet with a resume of being a bartender in a genteel restaurant and demonstrably someone who learned nothing but far left ideology at college. As someone who has few skills borne of life experience besides mastering social media, she has been appointed to the House Oversight and Reform Committee along with fellow freshmen DSA members Ayanna Pressley (D,MA) and Rashia Tlaib (D, MI), who are also “Justice Democrats” minions.
With all the restraint and respect of a spoiled rotten 16 year old rebelling against her parents, freshman Ocasio-Cortez shouldered ranking Democratic House Speaker Nancy Polosi out of her way and assumed command of the House in virtually every way short of assuming Pelosi’s title – and it flew.
Ocassio-Cortez vociferously clamors for impeaching Trump despite three years of an overly obsessive-aggressive Nadler dragging around an empty impeachment bag in spite of all his Herculean efforts employing third hand hearsay and obviously manufactured “evidence”.
So, it comes full circle: impeachment crusader Jerry Nadler, the DSA, the RCP manifesto to obstruct Trump, Congressional members of the CPUSA working within the Democratic party to stop Trump, DSA members working within the Democratic Party, hypocritical establishment Democrats, Ocasio-Cortez and her three pals maneuvered into office by DSA affiliate “Justice Democrats” in order to push the Democratic party to the extreme left, impeachment crusader Jerry Nadler.
So, what the hell am I supposed to think?

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