5 Solutions to Save America Book

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In the U.S. Constitution the Founding Fathers gave us five tools to save our republic, and restore the supreme law of the land. One involves revolution, and another involves education. The remaining may seem even more unlikely as the first two . . . but, somewhere in our system is the proper tool on our tool belt to Save America. 115 pages.

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Benjamin Franklin’s iconic words to Elizabeth Powel, upon leaving the Constitutional Convention, were, “A republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.”

The Constitution was written to stand the test of time, and to resist the fiery arrows of tyrants. The modern political atmosphere, however, leaves most Americans uneasy. Have we lost our republic?

America’s Constitution Authority, Douglas V. Gibbs, reminds us that while our republic has not been lost, we teeter on the edge of a treacherous cliff. While we have not passed the sign that reads, “the point of no return,” we are close enough to it that we can read the small print on the bottom which says, “Made in China.”

How do we, as Americans, regain a foothold on our journey to restore the constitutional republic, and reestablish the principles and philosophies of the United States Constitution?

We have failed to focus on our own core responsibilities as citizens, and we have been allowing the sovereignty and autonomy of the States to be neutralized and dismantled. A ruling class has established itself in the halls of government, diminishing the power of We the People, and growing the power of an emerging oligarchy in America.

The rise of tyranny in America should instill in us a patriotic and revolutionary call to action. We the People need to have the courage to take on the establishment, and be informed enough to know how to do it.

Without an informed populace carrying out their civic duty of keeping the republic, how can the Blessings of Liberty be handed down to the next generation? Have we been experiencing such a steady decline in freedom that we have forgotten what liberty truly is? How do we restore our constitutional republic, especially at this stage in the game?

The Founding Fathers gave us a quiver full of remedies to combat tyranny. All we must do is apply them during our advocacy to keep the republic. It’s not too late to save America. The opportunity to keep the republic exists, and if properly informed of the solutions available to us, we can make the necessary adjustments so as to place America back on the proper path of liberty. The only questions that remain are, “Do we have the willingness to educate ourselves regarding those solutions?”, and “Do we have the discipline to carry out those remedies, once we learn what they are?”

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Publication date ‏ : ‎ November 12, 2017
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