The following is an email I sent to my State Senator in Oregon (as well as my State House of Representatives member, and one other State Senator … Boquist):



I have a home in Brookings, and with the latest edict she has made it so that I cannot take care of myself.  I have vertigo issues which makes it impossible for me to wear a mask or shield because wearing them makes me lose balance, and sometimes lose consciousness.  As for the vaccine, MRC-5, which is the process that used aborted fetal tissue DNA in the making of all three vaccines has me in a place where I cannot get the vaccine.  As a Christian to put something taken or copied from the DNA of a murdered baby is impossible for me.  So, if we must either wear masks, or prove we were vaccinated, I cannot participate in society.  Funny, Kate Brown said regarding illegal aliens that there are no illegal people, and that nobody should be required to show their papers to be in the country.  So much for “my body my choice”, especially in my case.


Thank you,


Douglas V. Gibbs

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