By Douglas V. Gibbs

Okay, Political Pistachio readers, I know it’s been a while, and the pause is over.

A month and a half ago the caretaker of a property I own on the Oregon Coast passed away.  After an armed confrontation, and a lot of back and forth trips from Southern California to Oregon, I have the place locked up, secure, and two persons keeping a close eye on it.  During that time period I also endured a court case (of which I won), and a break-down of my car during my last trip back home that set me back a bunch of hundreds of dollars and a couple days.  Shortly after arriving home, I had to depart for Sacramento, which is where I am now, at the California Republican Assembly convention, as a member of the State Board.

Through it all I was unable to access my computer, missed four out of five of my radio programs, and I have fallen behind on my political activism and duties.

Tomorrow, I depart from Sacramento and head back home, where I will get back into the swing of things, updating much of what I do, and hammering forward full throttle.

Oh, and my next book is available:

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