Justice Harry Blackmun in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case, the case that folks claim made abortion legal in all fifty States, wrote in his judicial opinion that once personhood is determined the ruling of Roe v. Wade would be made null and void. Now, the State of Texas has answered that call. But, the Biden Administration has vowed to use all federal resources to stop the new Texas abortion law that essentially outlaws abortion in the Lonestar State. What does Mr. Constitution Douglas V. Gibbs have to say about it? View this video to find out.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Dose: Texas Heartbeat Law

  1. Since there are people walking around today who never spent a single second in the womb of their biological mother, it is clear that personhood, logically begins at conception. (People who came from an egg and sperm that were combined in vitro and implanted [sometimes having been frozen first – yes there are living people who were adopted as embryos whose biological parents had them created and frozen and then had no wish to have more children and so put them up for adoption – and what a mess is that going to be for genealogists in the future?] in the womb of a surrogate and brought to parturition.)

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