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  • Trump: “America Was Built By God-Worshiping, Freedom-Loving Patriots…”
  • New California Law: Massive Fines For Anyone Who Uses Too Much Water.
  • California A.B. 5: Dream-Killer Law Chokes State Economy.
    • After Church Shooting, Warren Proves She’s No Friend Of Law-Abiding Gun Owners…
    • Bloomberg: “We Can’t Just Let Average” Americans Have Guns…
  • Impeachment Next Week: Pelosi agrees to transmit impeachment articles to Senate, which is nothing more than a political witch hunt.  Aim?  To hurt President Trump politically.  They were screaming impeachment even before Trump’s inauguration.  Trump’s response?  Democrats are pushing impeachment because they know they can’t win the next election.  Interestingly, while screaming impeaching Trump is necessary because he is a “clear and present danger”, Pelosi then delayed transmission for over a month. However, she is now claiming she has the constitutional authority to negotiate with the Senate on how the hearing is held.
    • Does obstruction of Congress even exist in a system that possesses a Separation of Powers?  Does executive privilege exist?  Does not the President have the obligation to say “no” when Congress demands to intrude upon the executive branch in violation of a separation of powers?
    • Due process is supposed to be an integral part of this process (a la Amendments 5 and 6).
  • Iran Standoff: Chris Mathews compares Death of Iranian General Qassim Soleimani to Elvis and Princes Di, claiming the Iranian public loved him, and mourned his loss with demonstrations in the streets.
    • Washington Post: President Trump sought to blame Barack Obama for funding Iran’s missile attach on two U.S. bases in Iraq, calling Trump’s claim “misleading and far-fetched.”
    • President is intent on going after the Iranian Republican Guard.  Could this lead to the end of a fifty year Islamic terrorist regime?  A Persian friend of mine thinks so.
  • House of Representatives’ War Powers Resolution challenges President’s role as Commander in Chief: House Democrats claim President cannot wage war without congressional approval.
    • Separation of powers.  For military matters it is not Congress that the President needs to consult, it is his National Security Team (Article II, Section 2).
    • If the President must beg for approval from Congress, or some kind of congressional committee, every time he needs to make a military decision, then why does the Constitution grant to the President the powers which accompany the title, “Commander in Chief”?
    • President Trump, while acting with strength against a dictatorship, has said he doesn’t plan to put boots on the ground.  Isn’t that what he ran on as a candidate?  Being tough, but not participating in endless wars?
    • Democrats blame downing of Ukrainian jet with Russian missiles by Iran on Trump’s actions.

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