Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs: The Swamp

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John Adams hated Washington DC. It was a miserable, mosquito infested wetland in his opinion. Some say it truly is a cesspool, sinking slowly into the soft marshy landscape it is built upon.

The “cesspool” and “swamp” terms are nothing new to politicians, but when Donald J. Trump sprang upon the political scene in the 2016 Presidential Election cycle, among the things that elicited the loudest cheers is when he said he would be draining the swamp.

Draining the swamp, however, entails more than merely removing the big government, socialist Democrats from positions of power. Their desire to damage the American System knows no bounds. This is a war that will require eternal vigilance, and a constant warrior spirit that is determined to return this country to its original roots as a republic, and as a nation with the U.S. Constitution serving as the Law of the Land.

American Liberty leads to American Opportunity.


Here’s today’s AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week:

Judicial Swamp

Healthcare Swamp

Women’s Rights Swamp

Media Swamp

Bugged Swamp

Immigration Swamp


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