Backing Liberty Matters!

Alone on Election Night? Not alone on election night?  Do you just want to hang out
with fellow Trump Supporters
during the election night circus?
Wanna watch President Trump make the Democrats cry again with your fellow constitutionalists?
Join me on Election Night. I will show up around 4pm, and I plan to stay past midnight. I’ll
have some munchies available, sodas, water, enthusiasm for our president, and I hope to have you there, too.  Don’t like what I brought?  Think it was not enough?  No problem.  Add to the pile of stuff by also bringing your own. Hang out with fellow constitutionalists
and Trump supporters for a little while, or all night, your choice. Show up when you want,
your choice. Wear a mask, or don’t. Your choice. You are a consenting adult in the land of liberty.  All Americans welcome (even those who aren’t Trump supporters, if you are planning on remaining civil).     

Looking forward to seeing you in Temecula on Election Night:     4 pm until ??? 

GOP Headquarters, 28120 Jefferson Ave., Temecula, CA (in same shopping center as
Rosa’s Cafe and Tortilla Factory, in back of center next to tattoo shop)

You’ll see my white pick-up truck with the Trump Stickers in the window and a Trump Flag flying proudly.  In 2016 we had 40 people.  Can we shove that many people into this facility?  Let’s find out.

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