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Keyboard remote insert election commands 

Here is a USB drive that pretends to be a keyboard and inserts programming commands!

Following the 2020 presidential election, Dominion pushed out a “Trusted Build” on their machines. From several reports, it wiped out logs from the election and didn’t back up everything.

One county recorder/clerk, Tina Peters of Mesa County, Colorado, made a forensic image backup before the build was pushed out, and one after.

Computer security experts noted some alarming differences, as well as the placement of an undocumented and uncertified tool on the machine, namely, Microsoft SQL Management Services, which allows for a database to be directly accessed for all kinds of tasks, including changing data.

These three videos show not only two ways to manipulate the election data without the knowledge of the elections staff (on a copy of an actual forensic image of the election machine), but also reveals that lock picking, wireless and web cam hacking and electronic soldering skills are taught at the Secretary of States’ conference.

Flipping votes via USB drive that pretends to be a keyboard and inserting commands. It’s slowed down to show you what’s going on, otherwise you wouldn’t see it.

This video is similar, using a USB drive pretending to be a keyboard, but injecting a wireless hotspot setup into the mix, so that someone can remotely access the software and manipulates votes.…less-secure-than-a-dentists-co.html?mref=6zof&mc=dgip3&ep=1

Mark Cook explains the various “odd skills” being taught at the Secretary of States’ conference, and their assignment of a “handler” and security guards over him once they realize who he is.

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