By Douglas V. Gibbs


An amazing thing has happened.  History is once again repeating itself.  Maybe not in the exact fashion as before, but essentially it is.  Now, at this moment in time, on this journey through history, we are at a crossroads; a fork in the road faced many times in history.  The choice is ours.  Do we step on the path of renewal, or do we trek down the road to tyranny and ruin?

Over two hundred years ago the national-government-minded Federalist Party, which abandoned true federalism the day they became a political party, realized that the limited-government Jeffersonian Republicans were a problem and if Jefferson won during the Election of 1800 he could undo all of their attempts to secure power under one umbrella; theirs.  The public was disappointed in the centralized bank, federal intrusion into local issues, and the false claim by the Adams Administration that it was taking care of foreign intrusion when in reality their Alien and Sedition Act was a tool being used to silence their opposition, and even jail and fine anyone who spoke out against the Federalist Party agenda.  As public opinion turned against the chaos being caused by the leftists in society, the Federalist Party turned to the courts, weaponizing the judicial branch to go after their enemies and ultimately they used a court-packing scheme that gave them dominance throughout the federal court system.  Then, when the election of 1800 arrived, they did everything they could to keep Thomas Jefferson from winning the presidency, and while their guys didn’t win a majority of electoral votes, neither did Jefferson.

In the end the decision landed in the lap of the House of Representatives.  Ultimately, thanks to a couple of States who, after nearly three dozen votes that left the Office of the President empty, had members like Congressman Lyons of Vermont who, after feeling the political wrath of the Hamiltonian Federalist Party, voted for Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence became President of the United States.

What followed was the dismantling of the Federalist Party and the power-hungry deep-state.  Jefferson fired the Federalist Party allies of the bureaucracy, his Congress worked with him to reverse all of the Hamiltonian laws that were unconstitutional and wreaked of tyrannical policies, and Jefferson worked to reduce the National Debt every year of his presidency except one; the year he needed funding to target the Islamic threat of the Barbary Pirates.

The Presidency of Jefferson led to the demise of the Federalist Party, and ushered in a period known as the Era of Good Feelings.  From there, America grew, and liberty proved to be something valuable, successful, and something the world also desired.

Had things gone the other way, with the leftists already showing that they were willing to fine and jail their opposition, the potential was something nobody wanted to think about, and it would have not only been a disaster for the United States, but ultimately for the entire planet.

Today, we are amazed by the inflation caused by Democratic Party policies and monetary system influence by the central bank (Federal Reserve).  We have been alarmed by federal intrusion into local issues and the lives of Americans.  Foreign illegal immigration is at an all-time high with a foreign invasion that includes persons from countries who are vocal enemies of the United States.  The President claims to have policies in place to resolve the issue, but in truth it is being used to target his opposition, largely by making sure that chaos ensues, the rule of law is against the wall, and his administration is playing games that will enable people not eligible to vote to impact the upcoming election.  Schemes have been used to silence their opposition, and they’ve even gone as far as to fine and jail their political opponents.  As public opinion has turned against them they have turned to the courts, but the United States Supreme Court has not been playing their game as they would hope, so they have begun to attack the high court as well, threatening to pack the court so that they can dominate the court system and use it to maintain their semblance of power.  They are doing everything they can to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency, but it is beginning to look like their efforts are all for naught.

We are at a crossroads; a fork in the road faced many times in history.  Do we step on the path of renewal, or do we trek down the road to tyranny and ruin?

Then, the recent CNN debate happened.  An old man barely able to keep his eyes open looked so horrible that even the Democrats were alerted to his incompetency.  The walls closed in on him during the debate as he stammered, grasping for straws, and then he lied; over and over again.

When Trump brought up Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan, Joe blamed Trump for the debacle, and falsely claimed there were no lives lost.  In fact, Biden falsely claims that no lives have been lost during his entire watch as President.

Trump brought up immigration, the issue that led to his successful election in 2016, and Biden claimed the onrush of illegal aliens into the country is Trump’s false, and then falsely claimed his policies were common sense ways of keeping families together.  As Biden claims that the illegal aliens are good for the country, the reality is that the criminal element has been killing Americans, and many will be illegally voting in the upcoming election.  In the end, Biden’s policies encourages the illegal alien entry into the United States.  His policies do not curb the activity no matter how much he claimed that to be the case during the debate.

Meanwhile, despite their majority control of the inferior federal courts, the U.S. Supreme Court is challenging the Democratic Party’s demand for federal control of everything, among the latest being the upending of the Chevron deference.  In short, the Supreme Court held up the separation of powers doctrine, explaining the executive branch cannot make their own laws.

Like the Federalist Party in 1800, the Democrats are in panic mode. 

As the media lies and does what it can to stop the bleeding, even operating in an obvious manner that defies reality, the Democrats are already beginning to turn on the media claiming that any loss of popularity of the Democrats will be the media’s fault

We know that the problem is not Biden’s policies because they are somehow solely his ideas; his policies are the policies of the Democratic Party, which means it doesn’t matter who’s in office, they all are a danger to liberty.  Biden is simply the guy who is the face of the party at the moment.  The Democrats, however, operate largely on perception.  They are tyrants, but they yearn to be seen as moderates.  The problem is, the best person to give them the look of not being the radicals they truly are is seriously not a man capable of carrying out the responsibilities of the Office of the President of the United States.  His lack of mental acuity is not only bad for the Democratic Party, he poses as a threat to national security.  To use a little sleight of hand the Democrats have leaned heavily on the issue of abortion, but their position is not as popular with the public as they seem to be telling themselves

Biden revealed in the debate, and has been revealing all along, that he can only operate for short stints at a time, but despite his shortcomings he is determined to remain in office and in the race during the 2024 Election cycle.  In fact, Biden has verbalized that he somehow won support with his debate performance.  You can’t fill a vacancy if a vacancy doesn’t materialize, so the Democratic Party has no choice but to support Biden, well knowing that his continuance as the Democratic Party’s candidate will also negatively influence the down-ballot candidates.  And, as much as they are trying to distance themselves from Kamala Harris, if Biden stays in, so does Harris.  The thing is, the Democrats knew that all of the problems the public now sees clearly existed all along, which is exactly why they’ve been hiding the Hur Report, despite the GOP’s calls for the tapes to be released.

They can’t help themselves.  Their arrogance and allegiance to tyranny dooms them to follow the same path of all of the tyrants of history.  The Democrats are using the same playbook as all tyrannies in the past.  They have shown who they are, and in an effort to secure power they have painted themselves into a corner.  They are stuck with Biden, and they have revealed their tyrannical nature and schemes.  All there is left for them now is to lose (again) to Trump and regroup, or go full tyranny and expose themselves further as the true tyrants of modern times that they are.

The Democrats and their leftist allies are not roaming the halls of government to defend the constitution, bring down your grocery prices, or make sure the free market works for all Americans.  They are in it for one reason, and one reason only.  They infest America’s political system because they want total power in their hands.

Despite claiming they have the country’s best interests in mind, they are no different than the Pharaohs of Egypt, the tyrants of Ancient Greece, the Caesars of Rome, the monarchs of the Old World, the Napoleons of France, the Kaisers and NAZIs of Germany, the communists of the Soviet Union and Communist China (and every other communist country) or the tyrants of Islam.  They have no interest in honestly debating issues because they can’t win in the arena of ideas.  They have gone too far to care about debate.  They sit on highways preventing people from getting to an airport or important personal engagements because of their pet causes, they cancel you if you dare say anything that disagrees with their sensitivities, they set fire to cities like Portland and Seattle and then call it a peaceful demonstration, they don’t care if there is a ton of data proving that their Climate Change scam has been proven wrong by real science, they don’t care if there is a ton of data explaining how EV cars are overall more detrimental to the environment than they claim, and they don’t care if nature produces more CO2 than humans and that all of the end-of-the-world climate predictions have never come to be because they don’t understand that those actions are the actions of the pawns of tyrants.  They feel rage when you talk because they are mindless tools of a leftist, Marxist, communist takeover of America, and they will threaten you if you dare cross them without even realizing they are clones of the Brown Shirts and Black Shirts of NAZI and communist history.  They have been ideologically programmed to hate anything that stands outside the narrative they have been trained to embrace, even if that means completely disregarding truth, facts, or evidence to the contrary of what they’ve been programmed to believe.

There is only power—their power—or at least that is what they’ve been convinced to embrace.

The leftists of the Democratic Party, and their radical allies, claim they seek to preserve democracy, even though we are a republic (see my book, Repeal Democracy, to learn the difference), but the will of the people or following the true rule of law is not inside their realm of interests.  Their goal is power through their version of leftism.  And controlling the United States is not the end-game.  Theirs is a cancer on the body politic that has spread within every Western country, despite the fact that we fought and defeated the same kind of thinking twice (NAZI Germany and the Soviet Union) during the last one hundred years.  They don’t see themselves as those tyrants, however, for theirs, in their minds, is a more modern and fair tyranny that improves their poor victimhood lives, while shutting down and silencing anyone who dares to stand against them.  Of course, as we know from history, when this kind of tyranny rises, only the lives of the rulers improve.  Despite all of their promises and claims, they can’t improve society.  Only liberty and the free market improves society as a whole.  Theirs is a system of power and tyranny that feeds like a vampire on the lives of the people they claim to be there for, which in the end only improves the lives of the tyrants in charge.  In the end, history shows us over and over, that the tyranny being offered by the Democrats is a derailed train that controls all of the levers of power, and destroys economies and societies.  They care not what works, they care only to appease their gods of power through communist schemes, climate lies, and anything they can muster that stabs God and Liberty square in the eye.

The Trump Train, however, remains on the tracks, and it frightens them greatly.  They have no political answer for him.  Biden could not compete with Trump on the debate stage.  Using the courts against him has backfired and Trump is more popular than ever.  Their bench is shallow, and their patience is short.  Their only hope, and I fully expect them to act upon their limited options, is to simply remove Trump, and then begin the process of jailing (or worse) anyone who supported him.

That’s what tyrannies do, history has shown us the truth many times. 

Of course, their victory, and death to liberty, is not the only option.  Like Thomas Jefferson, I believe we can find a way to stop them, lead them to their demise, and usher in a new Era of Good Feelings.  A key to that path not only requires Donald Trump to win in November, but it requires that he has a Congress that allies with him along the way.  Our job in that equation is simple.  We must simply make it happen with a massive vote and support system that is too big to rig.

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