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By Douglas V. Gibbs


I didn’t want to watch it.  I knew how the Trump vs. Biden debate would turn out.  But, I recorded it and watched it later.  The train wreck was worse than I even expected.

Donald J. Trump dominated the debate as everyone knew he would, from beginning to end.  If it was a little league game they would have applied the mercy rule during the first inning.  It wasn’t that Trump was so incredible good at the debate — to be honest he missed a number of great opportunities — it was almost as if he was holding back a little bit; it was that Biden was that bad…as expected.  Biden imploded, and the leftist gears began spinning early, likely before the whole thing began.

Biden coughed, Biden froze up, Biden lied about immigration, Biden lied about Charlottesville,  Biden lied about Afghanistan, Biden rambled and was often incoherent, Biden defended the murder of babies in the womb while Trump supported the constitutional stance of the issue belonging to the States, and then after it was all over Jill Biden had to lead a confused old man off the stage.

The Democrats are in panic mode, and while Joe Biden has insisted upon remaining the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 2024 Presidential Election, after his poor performance in the debate against Trump, the clamor for him to be replaced is reaching a heightened crescendo.  The good news was that as expected, Biden was destroyed by Trump in the debate.  The bad news is that the Democrats are now going to be even more adamant about putting someone like Gavin Newsom into position to take the presidency, and they will flex every fraudulent muscle they can muster behind the effort.

I believe the Democrats agreed to the debate because they wanted Biden to implode.  He has refused to step down as their candidate, and he was maintaining just enough cheerleaders to stay in position to continue forward.  Now, it is clear to everyone, except perhaps Joe Biden, that the old guy needs to be put out of his misery and replaced by some young gun communist like Gavin Newsom, or God knows who else.

The Democrats set Joe Biden up to fail, and it worked.

Some have even suggested that Michelle Obama might step in, which would potentially give Barack his fourth and fifth terms a chance to materialize.

Hillary Clinton might even be in the leftwing commie discussion for replacements.

Joe Biden is resisting, but the move to get him to opt out is stronger than ever.

It’s going to be an interesting Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and this time the violence might be on the stage.

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