By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

A Harvard Study determined that Independence Day makes more Republicans.  It was as if they were disappointed.  Do they actually had our patriotic holiday that commemorates the birth of our country through the Declaration of Independence?  It is true, people feel a little more American on Independence Day.  And, I suppose, during that moment of clarity they begin to realize where their politicians lie on the patriotism scale, and that perhaps the ideals America stands for are worth celebrating and supporting.  

Patriotism angers Democrats.  Some lefties go so far as to endorse a “F**k the Fourth” line of thinking when it comes to our country’s Independence Day birthday.  Liberty so angers Democrats and their Marxist allies that they’ve come to the conclusion that the American Flag is a racist, hateful, and oppressive symbol of extremism.
The term “American Exceptionalism” also angers Democrats.  They consider it as being something that possesses a bit of arrogance.  God angers Democrats.  Morality angers Democrats.  Even the simplest rules of biology gets them all bent out of shape.  Marxism has indoctrinated them to chase after the most idiotic stuff so much that pretty much everything American angers the Democrat Progressive Lefty Communist crazies out there — which makes me think that Independence Day must render them damn-near catatonic.
Happy Independence Day, God Bless America, and let’s rally behind either getting Donald Trump elected to the presidency in 2024, or stopping the downward spiral into communism (the first might be necessary to achieve the second, I think).

I can hear the lefty libtard heads exploding from here.

You can be a fan of Trump and his boisterous version of Republican Party antics, or don’t like him, I don’t care.  In the end you have to admit it is funny watching the lefty Democrats get all bent out of shape over a single person.  It amazes me how much rage they launch into over a man who, before 2016, they were likely a fan of.
Always remember: Our Rights Come from God, and the natural order of things is what our natural rights are based upon.  The truths of natural law are obvious, apparent, and self-evident.  We know that boys are boys and girls are girls, fossil fuels are what powered us to greatness in the first place and to abandon oil would collapse our entire system, the climate changes naturally (not due to the less than one percent of carbon dioxide we throw into the system), a country without secure borders and strict immigration laws which are executed is not a country, physical currency keeps total control of our economy by tyrants at bay, abortion is another word for murdering babies, voting is a privilege of citizenship and requiring ID to stop fraud is not racist, the current inflation and supply chain problems are a direct result of Democrat Party policies,  the high gas prices are due to bad policies that limit domestic production and transportation of oil/fuel, homelessness is out of control because leftist policies encourage it, the best way to preserve life is to make sure every American of a reasonable age is armed without restrictions (keep and bear arms means to own and conceal carry…it’s a God given right that protects us from the type of government that has emerged), the pandemic was a lie designed to make Big Pharma lots of money as well as centralize more power into the hands of government, it is idiotic to think that reparations must be paid by people who never owned slaves to people who were never slaves, systemic racism is a lie perpetuated by a bunch of Marxists who believe they will only get their communist utopia through class conflict, prayer changes things and is not only just fine in the public square — it must be encouraged, support for Israel is a must, and Donald Trump is one of the best Presidents this country has had.  
Oh…and…masculinity was exactly what we needed to win the Revolutionary War, and every war since; it makes for a better America.  Thank God men were men, and women were women.
Our Anti-American Biden Administration stands against Independence Day, and all it represents.  They are doing what they can to erase American greatness from our sight with censorship and the toppling of statues, but in the end they can’t change our hearts.

The Marxist progressive leftist Democrats have revealed they are enemies of the United States.  Their belief system is fundamentally opposed to everything America represents.

They reject the fixed principles laid down by the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. They believe that either the Constitution can be twisted as they wish with their interpretation, or that it is an old document that needs replacing.  They wish to change America into something the Founding Fathers, and patriots like you and I, never intended.  

And today I don’t care what they think.  I will celebrate Independence Day as it should be, with pride in America and a longing for a return to the republic created by the Framers of the U.S. Constitution.  And, I will cherish the words from the Declaration of Independence, which explains that all men are created equal, and are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.

In other words, freedom, and opportunity.  Liberty and Prayer.  Prosperity through a free market, and a system in place that keeps government out of my life as much as possible.
Happy Independence Day.
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