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History has become what the hard left deconstructionists wish you to believe it is/was.  Post-modernism aims at destroying what is (by telling you that it depends on what the definition of is is) so that the leftist establishment may inject its own culture and society.  The goals are hardly unknown, and have been around for all of history.

As we approach Christmas, the story of Scrooge comes to mind.  Charles Dickens’ tale of a horrible man who works his employees to the bones of their fingers, and of a man who rejects charity, hope, or the joy of giving associated with Christmas, is a timeless classic.  Ultimately, its about a man who learns how to “share the wealth”, or as today’s progressive would put it, “pay his fair share.”

While I am not at all opposed to persons being charitable, and in fact conservatives are the most charitable persons on the planet, the goodness of such a thing has been poisoned and misrepresented by those who seek government intrusion into our lives with various programs of entitlement and beyond (and then somehow compares such government interference into our lives with charity).  Everything, in their vision of bigger government, becomes a Marxist utopia where we all just share and share alike, nobody becomes better off than anyone else, and if you are rich you are expected to give and give and give until your wealth has dwindled away.  I guess it’s a part of their “peace, love, dope” agenda.

Would it be reasonable to argue against Scrooge’s transformation into a giving person who simply wishes to “share the wealth”?

Sometimes the thing that we see on the surface is not the problem.  Sometimes the intentions are not the sin.  But, sometimes the well hidden and deep down motives of communalism make it nearly impossible to recognize what is truly meant to be simply an act of charity, and what is intended to be a factor in the leftward nudge of America toward socialism.

Moving America towards a false-utopia based on equity is not enough, however.  As Cloward and Piven explained, to replace a successful system that the people may not be eager to part with, it may be necessary to overload it, and destroy it, so that a new system can be produced in its place.  A part of that destruction requires that the population loses faith in the native culture.  It is expected that the people must desire revolution of the sort that not only dismantles the current societal structure, but does so in such a way that no remnants of it remains.  Any memory of the dying system, after all, may entice the foolish populace to yearn for it again, and that just can’t be allowed.

To deconstruct a system it must be taught to the people that the system is flawed, and must be detested; that everything wrong in the world is due to what America has been, and if we eliminate what America is, in the future these horrible things will not happen again.  And, once all that America was is detested, and ultimately forgotten, the people will not only fail to yearn for it, they will be happy to dismantle every part of the system, themselves.  They will see their hate for it as being a good thing, and their religiosity of hating the old system can then become so intense that they will honestly believe that anyone defending the old system hates them right back, and in the new society of “peace, love, dope”, such hatred for the new progressive America on the horizon cannot be tolerated.

We have been taught that the Mexican-American War was a war of expansionism, rather than a war of liberation from the blood-thirsty dictator, Santa Anna.  Therefore, we are told, white people hate Mexicans, and we stole the American Southwest by swindling them out of their land.  Never mind that at that time there were only three Mexican settlements north of today’s border between Mexico and the United States; Santa Fe, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

We have been convinced, also, that since slavery was a part of the American landscape at one point, all white people are racist, and yearn for a return to the days of slavery.  When Republican candidates emerge on the scene, and they are too conservative for the taste of the Progressive Democrats, statements along the line of “they want to put blacks back into shackles” are made.  Recently, for example, Democrat U.S. House of Representatives member Al Green said the impeachment of Donald Trump is needed “to deal with slavery.”

The implication is that anything that calls for America first, or champions any of the country’s founding principles or values, is racist and that the very foundation of this country was for the purpose of slavery, and perpetuating slavery as brutally as possible.  Of course all of this is silliness, but a large number of people believe it.

The Marxist cultural revolution has been effective and thorough.

And from their point of view, the fundamental transformation of America into something the Framers of the U.S. Constitution never intended is almost complete.

The infiltration has permeated nearly every avenue of American life.  Education, media, entertainment, and even the churches.  We are bombarded with the Marxist agenda so much that sometimes we don’t even realize it.  Some of it has become accepted truths, and we simply obey without questioning why.  We believe in the power of the courts.  We have been convinced it is rude to talk about religion and politics.  Our pastors have adopted the strategy of avoiding politics, claiming that it interferes with their ability to evangelize.  We have become sedated, rocked by the rigors of daily life, too busy to care about our liberty, or the laws of nature and of Nature’s God.  Medicated by their drugs, informed by their minions, and wooed by their pleasures, we have become less American because they have convinced us to be.

The thing is, they miss a huge piece of the puzzle, and don’t even realize it. 

America’s history is much like the Old Testament of the Bible, and much like the journeys that each of us take through our lifetimes.  Character is not established when we exit the womb.  Mistakes are made, and that is how anyone learns.  Triumphs are reached, and that also is how we learn.  We obey what’s right, and sometimes we don’t, and through it all our character is shaped, molded, and led to the place it will someday rest upon.

The growth curve is best when the opportunity to grow through good and bad choices is best left to take its own course.  In the end, we learn, we take lessons from our walk in our own shoes, and in the case of America, our greatness is largely because of our liberty, and the fact that America took the paths it took.  We triumphed, and sometimes we were a country that walked down not-so-good paths.  We grew, we learned, and as a result, America became the greatest country in the world … partly because of our history, and largely because of our system of liberty.

The problem is not just that the deconstructionists wish to erase our history, our culture, and our American identity, but that they are working to erase our liberty.  And once liberty is gone, growth ceases, greatness vanishes, and incentive dies.

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