By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Washington Post writer Marissa Brostoff is a moron.  The title of her piece that WAPO has been retracting vast swathes of says it all.  “How white nationalists aligned themselves with the antiabortion movement.”

It’s an attempt to demonize the Pro-Life Movement, and try to clump alleged right-wing racists with mainstream conservatism.

The problem is, the argument makes no sense.

Planned Parenthood was created by Margaret Sanger for the purpose of exterminating “human weeds,” which is the term she used for minorities and the handicapped.  She was a progressive Democrat, by the way.

On top of that, black babies are aborted at a rate five times greater than white babies, in New York City more black babies are aborted than born alive, and finally most abortion clinic locations are placed in minority neighborhoods.  And Brostoff thinks white supremacists have a problem with that?


The story in the Washington Post claims it has to do with immigration, and an alleged fear by the “alt-right” that more immigrants are coming into the country at a rate greater than white babies being born.


Conservatives don’t have a problem with immigration.  We have a problem with people not waiting in line and going through the proper immigration protocols.  It’s like locking your door at home, and then vetting someone before you let them into your house.  All we ask is that immigrants knock, and let us check that they are not criminals, or members of groups who hate the United States or wish harm upon our citizens.  The fact is a large segment of those claiming refugee status are lying, and a portion of the illegal alien population is dangerous (criminals, members of gangs, members of the drug cartels, terrorists, communists, etc.).

Stories like the one by Brostoff is exactly why folks no longer trust or believe the media, and have no confidence in most journalists.

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