By Douglas V. Gibbs
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While I supported President Trump throughout his presidency, and agree with a large majority of his policies and actions as President of the United States, the Operation Warp Speed program regarding a vaccine for COVID-19 is not on that list.  Early on he mentioned Hydroxychloroquine as a reasonable measure to battle the coronavirus, and it turns out based on various trials that the malaria drug does the trick.  However, the Democrats, not willing to support something that works just because Trump did, and determined to have yet another vaccine governmentally mandated to shove into our bodies, gave President Trump so much grief about Hydroxychloroquine that he abandoned talking about it.  He then, desperate to convince the lying left that his handling of the pandemic was extraordinary, pushed hard for a vaccine, and got one made and available through a government partnership with the private sector in record time.

And that is what concerns me.

There have been numerous claims the virus was never isolated.  The Associated Press assures us that it has been.  There have been claims the virus being isolated was only by China, and their genome information was flawed.  The Associated Press assures us that CDC isolated the COVID-19 Wuhan coronavirus on January 20, 2020.

Why should I believe the American Press that has such an incredible habit of lying to us?

If the virus has been isolated, and they haven’t created their tests and vaccines based on similar virus’ and not the actual one in question, then why has testing produced so many false-positives, and why is it that the new vaccines are proving to be ineffective and deadly for so many people?

And, even if they could assure me it was totally safe, do I really want the government injecting into my body something that I am not fully aware of what is contained within it?

Vaccines for children has grown from less than a dozen when I was a kid to many dozens of jabs now.  Why the sudden explosion in the desire to shove medical concoctions into our bodies?

Never mind the fact that some of these vaccines, including the new COVID vaccine, contains aborted fetal tissue.

What else is in there?  Mercury?  Nano-technology?  

While causing our children to end up with Autism with their concoctions (yeah, yeah, I know the liberal left has put out their spew of evidence that there is no evidence that Autism and vaccines are linked … to which I say, “phooey”) what else are they up to?

As for the Warp Speed part, part of the reason it takes so long to create vaccines (five years, often) is because of all of the clinical trials.  It needs to be tested to make sure it is safe for human use.  Animals are used.  Other tests are applied.  Certain persons who are willing to take the risk for a paycheck are used.  Then, once it is proven the vaccine is safe for the public (theoretically) it is rolled out for general use.

Our government not only spit this COVID vaccine out without performing an adequate amount of trials, but they also, now, are considering making it mandatory to be injected with this crap.

Mandatory?  Under what authority?

I don’t care if you find a judge saying that in your made-up emergency I must get stuck with a needle.  There is no constitutional authority for government, especially the federal government, to mandate vaccines.  In the end, it is illegal, immoral, and yes, Orwellian.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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