Upcoming Titles:

25 Myths About Donald J. Trump: I expected to have the book available in 2019, but problems with publication associated with companies who oppose Mr. Trump as President pushed the completion and publication dates of the book indefinitely.

A Tyrant's Guide to Killing Liberty: While mostly completed by 2019, with the advent of the pandemic I decided more writing was needed to include the latest assault on our liberty.  The election fraud also added data when examining the techniques and strategies of the enemies of the Constitution.

Constitution, Declaration, and other Documents: Expected to be completed in 2021, this book will be a collection of important American Documents, Quotes, and Commentary regarding the content of the documents.

Constitution News Through History: Events regarding our system of liberty, its development, and establishment written in a manner that resembles newspaper journalism.

Basic Constitution XXL, Second Edition: Updated version of my second book, The Basic Constitution.

You Can't Save America Without The Constitution: An examination of what we are up against, and an insiders view of how bad the infiltration into our country by communists has gotten. 

Recipes Americana: A recipe book filled with my own personal recipes, easy to make and delicious to eat.  Among the recipes is my grandmother's cheese potatoes recipe, and my dad's salsa recipe.

Across the Gray Line: The ideologies contrasted, side by side in this book columned so that a constitutional republic, democracy, socialist system, and monarchy may be easily compared and studied.

A Promise of Economic Freedom: With so few decent economics textbooks out there, this will be my attempt to add to the list.

Elizabeth Powel, Keeper of the Republic: With so few books out there about Elizabeth Powel, I believe it's time to get a comprehensive study about her life on the market.  Powel was the woman who asked Benjamin Franklin, "Doctor, what have you given us?  A monarchy, or a republic?"  He responded, "A republic, ma'am, if you can keep it."  The wife of Philadelphia Mayor Samuel Powel, Elizabeth and his husband were not only known to be a power couple of the time, but also had a bed and breakfast style business that, with the preparation of opulent dinners, attracted the most notable travelers.  After the supper the boarders retreated to the parlor, lighted their pipes, and discussed politics.  Mrs. Powel joined them, debating with them, and sometimes even having a pipe with them.  She developed a friendship with George Washington, and became an influential part of his life as President of the United States.

Encyclopedia of Political Issues, with Constitutional Commentary: Alphabetized list of political issues, what the common understanding of the issues is, and the constitutional commentary regarding authorities and principles associated with the issues.

Truth Desert: In today's Critical Race Theory environment, the truth is scarce and liberty is considered racist.