By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I am not going to go into his whole transcript.  I don’t have to.  This pretty much says it all.

“It should have been obvious the first day.  This is about Donald Trump.  Of course it is.  We just couldn’t see it.  For normal people Donald Trump is a President.  You may like him, you may not like him, but either way there will be another President at some point, and we will move on, as we always have.  But, for Donald Trump’s enemies, there is nothing else.  Everything is about Trump.  Everything.  Donald Trump defines their friendships, their careers, their marriages.  Donald Trump affects how they raise their children.  Trump occupies the very center of their lives.  As long as Donald Trump remains in the White House, they feel powerless, and diminished, and panicked.  They cannot be happy.  In everything they do, their overriding goal is to remove Donald Trump from office.  And that’s exactly what they’re trying to do, now.  That’s what these riots are about.  The most privileged in our society are using the most desperate in our society to seize power from everyone else.”

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Link to Tucker’s latest show:

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