By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Why kill Iranians with bombs when a more devastating response to their attacks is to step up sanctions and hit them where it really hurts … the pocket book?  The economic bombs are also working with China.  Economic pressure is more devastating than any wartime bombing run.  The President checked out the numbers of possible human casualties, he weighed which would be more effective in altering the behavior of our enemies, and made the decision of economic sections and increasing our strength regarding energy independence.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in peace through strength.  If an enemy believes you can bomb them to kingdom come, that’s a good thing.  It keeps them more or less docile when it comes to any big confrontations.  But, President Trump is playing chess and poker simultaneously, and realizes that we have two strengths, and one can bluff with both of them, and pull off some stunning victories in the meantime.

When you are the strongest military force in the world, and have an economy that everyone wants to trade with, why not level the playing field with tariffs, and modify the behavior of other countries with economic threats and/or financial carrots on a stick?

It worked with Mexico.  Now they are helping us with our immigration crisis.  It has worked with Iran.  Now they have backed off on funding of terrorism, and their own people are beginning to riot in the streets demanding change.  It has worked with China.  They have altered some of their rules of trade with us, and our steel industry is rising from the dead.

When it is time to go to war, I agree with the war hawks.  But, right now, Trump’s economic jabs and well-placed punches to the economic torso are working nicely.  So, since it’s working, shouldn’t we trust our President on this one?

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