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By Douglas V. Gibbs

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It would be commendable proclaiming that we need to protect our democracy from the clutches of whoever wanted to destroy it if indeed we were intended to be a democracy.  Except, that’s not the case.  The word “Democracy” does not appear in any of the founding documents, and there is a long list of quotes by the Founding Fathers about the dangers of democracy.  Yet, here we are, convinced that the United States is a democracy, and that our democracy is in danger.

When Donald J. Trump was President of the United States I remember the New York Times having a headline that said, “Donald Trump is Destroying Our Democracy.”

“I hope so,” was my response.  We are supposed to be a republic, not a democracy.  My latest book, Repeal Democracy, explains chapter by chapter the difference.

In a recent article by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic, “The Patriot: How General Mark Milley protected the Constitution from Donald Trump,” the writer explains how our “democracy” was saved from the evil clutches of Donald Trump and his anti-democratic activities.  Never mind that the article provides no proof regarding its proposition – so we must ask: Was Donald Trump a danger to the Constitution?

The enemies of Trump claimed he was some kind of dangerous military madman who would start wars, and use the military against the American People.  The truth is that Trump is the first President in pretty much all of our lifetimes not to start a new war, nor escalate a conflict in place when he entered office.  Rather than escalate tensions with any “nuclear-armed adversaries,” Trump actually did the opposite, taking actions to end Obama’s deal with Iran which enabled Iran to head in a nuclear direction, and he walked North Korea back from the edge of the ledge when it came to that country’s ambitions.  As for any “Russian collusion,” that was an illusion created by the Democrats in the hopes of destroying Trump – a deception that became exposed easily, yet is denied as such to this day by the allies of the enemies of Trump.

Goldberg’s article claims Milley’s phone calls to China promising warnings to the communist country if Trump attacked was how the military general saved the Constitution from the horrific Trump Presidency, but in truth Milley’s actions edged on treason.  If anything, Milley’s actions were against the Constitution, not Trump’s alleged desire to do whatever the leftists thought he was capable of.  What Trump did do when it came to China was establish a better playing field when it came to trade with his limited tariffs policy.

The Democrats and their allies in the Republican Party were convinced that Trump was some kind of authoritarian.  It was projection, to say the least, but they are so good at lying they even get to the point that they begin to believe their own B.S.

Speaking of B.S.: Now, the January 6 “Capitol Riot” is the B.S. they are believing.  They staged it, organized it, threw flash bangs into the crowd to create chaos, make it sound scary, and push the people towards the Capitol Building, and then claim it was Trump and his supporters who were complicit in the “attack” and that somehow it was some kind of insurrection.  For a historian like me it was simply a “Reichstag moment” carried out by the enemies of Trump.

Insurrection, from a constitutional point of view, is not disagreeing with the government.  Insurrection is what they are guilty of – offenses against the Constitution.

Disagreement against an unconstitutional system leaning towards oligarchy, which is what the enemies of Trump have established, is not insurrection – it’s patriotism.

It’s interesting, though, how the lefties call Trump an incompetent President, but we must then ask, “Who was it that led a deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 dead soldiers and hundreds of Americans stranded in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, and then while he was at it left a massive amount of military equipment behind for the enemy to use against our allies?”

Wasn’t that a move against what our Constitution is all about?  Wasn’t that a move against America?  Wasn’t that a foreign affairs failure and, must I say, giving aid and comfort to our enemies?

Yet, Biden’s hand in that was somehow forgotten, nobody was punished, and everyone kept their jobs.

Could you imagine the screaming that would have occurred if the blunder had occurred under the Trump presidency?

Just remember, all of you Democrats who might be reading this; when you point a finger in accusation, three are pointing back at you.

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