By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Life in these United States, and around the world, for that matter, have taken a turn for the worst.  Government forces at all levels have placed us into martial law by another name.  Your Constitutional Rights, we have been told, have been suspended for the time being in order for us to combat COVID-19.  But don’t worry, they assure us, the suspension of your rights is only temporary.
Where have we heard that before?
In the name of science the powers-that-be have gone against science, shunning ideas like “herd immunity”, and instead have been dragging this thing out as long as they can with “shelter at home” orders, mandates requiring social distancing the wearing of face coverings, and the near complete shut down of businesses, and in reality, the entire economy.  The result has been devastating, both economically, and when it comes to individual liberty.
While the government officials and coronavirus experts are swearing up and down that lives have been saved by the implementation of stay at home orders, and that the way to finish off our trip down the “new-normal” rabbit hole is to lock down harder, the reality is that the benefits of the strategy still remain unproven, and the myriad of negative consequences are beginning to stack up pretty high.  
Evidence has been piling up telling us that the coronavirus statistics are not only far from accurate, but that numbers are being padded by various means.  Different countries record deaths differently.  Presumption or even ignorance has driven many deaths to being counted as COVID-19 related when they are not, and even greed has kicked into play as American hospitals receive monetary benefits for each death certificate claiming a coronavirus connection, without proof, without evidence, without accompanying paperwork showing the connection, and often without even testing the patient to ensure they were positive with the virus in the first place.  Simply saying “yes” to the COVID-19 question has become much more lucrative than honesty.
Medical personnel in America and European countries are being told to put COVID-19 as the cause of death even if their evidence is that they simply suspected the person had it, test or no test.  It is an understatement to say that we are experiencing an over-recording of COVID-19 deaths.
Ironically, we are experiencing an under-recording of the actual number of people who have been infected with the disease.  The latter strategy of under-recording cases, however, is politically necessary in order to hide how mild the disease truly is, and how high the percentage is when it comes to people being asymptomatic and not even realizing they had contracted it because of the mildness of their symptoms.
I wonder if we will ever know the true statistics, both regarding deaths, and the number of infections.

We do know that deaths related to COVID-19 are almost always elderly people, and that if you are under 60 the chances of you dying from it is practically a statistical zero, as is the chance that you would be symptomatic.  Of the non-elderly cases of death, there are two categories; those who had underlying health issues already, and those who have been falsely listed as dying from the coronavirus.

The statistics not being taken, accurately or not, are those deaths that have occurred from other things, and may have been, or definitely has been, as a result of the lock-down policies in place to save us from the allegedly deadly virus.  Elective surgeries have been postponed to make room in the hospitals for the flood of coronavirus cases that were expected, and never came, which also increases the misery index for folks.  How many people are in pain from their hernia, or other affliction in need of an elective surgery, but have to wait because everyone is too afraid of leaving less room for the coronavirus patients who never arrived?  

What about deaths from things other than COVID-19?  How many of those are taking place without us noticing, or as a result of the policies associated with the Chinese Wuhan novel coronavirus?  Are more people dying at home because they are afraid they will be bothering doctors who, we are being told, are up to their necks in COVID-19 cases?  What about the statistics that are showing a steep rise in domestic violence during the stay at home orders?  I have read cases of depression have tripled, and according to some hospitals suicides are up four times the normal rate.  
In our fear of overwhelming hospitals, have we left a certain part of the public hung out to dry and in pain?
Friends of mine who are in the nursing industry have told me their hospitals are between a quarter full and a third of capacity.  Members of the hospital staff are standing around with nothing to do.  In some States the hospitals are hustling and bustling, but that’s because to make the numbers look better the politicians are flying in illegal aliens who are coronavirus positive caught on this side of the border to fill the beds.  One nurse I talked to told me that in almost all cases these people are either asymptomatic, or have mild symptoms.  The real danger, she said to me, lies in the fact that because they were just shipped in without any medical records or medical history attached to them, it is very dangerous to treat them because medical personnel don’t know what they may be allergic to, or what medicines they may already have in their system.  Not knowing someone’s medical history can kill them.

And, in what world of medical science does it makes sense to move a patient who is infectious?

Meanwhile, the media is spinning the false narrative that we’ve never been so pressed against the wall in the history of medicine, and there isn’t an empty hospital bed to be found anywhere.
Is this something that is simply an overreaction, or are their other forces and tactics at work here?  One wonders if this is merely an attempt to position us for another political warfare battlefield fast approaching from another direction.
In just about every country the average age of death from COVID-19 is over 80.  Then, armed with this knowledge, governors and other idiot politicians began throwing these COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes with a bunch of other “over-80” folks who didn’t have the disease.  If that age group has emerged as the most vulnerable when it comes to the coronavirus, why did they throw infected patients into the stew with them at their care facilities?
Why would they do such a thing, and how is it that some people were actually surprised when the statistic saying that the nursing home deaths were incredibly high surfaced?
The elderly, on paper, were throw-away patients to the leftists running this whole thing, so they tossed them into a big bowl together, stirred and tossed them like a garden salad, and in the end didn’t care what came out of it because they are going to die soon, anyway, and besides, those old folks tend to vote conservative.  All the establishment and leftist politicians and their allies cared about was clearing out the hospitals to make room for the massive flood of patients who were younger in age.

For anyone under 60 the mortality rate is so low you have a better chance to be struck by lightning, die from the seasonal flu or the common cold, or die in a car accident.  Yet, we locked all of those people down.  Even younger folks with underlying health issues have a very low death rate.  But, we locked them all down.  Where is the science that says it is smart to lock down the healthy, and those who are most likely not going to be affected by the virus?  We have locked down a population that has virtually zero risk of having problems with COVID-19, have them scared to death of the virus to the point that they are unhealthily wearing face masks a large portion of the day, and then we spread the disease wildly in nursing homes among those in the most vulnerable age group. How does that make any sense?

As a result, damage has been caused not only when it comes to deaths resulting from the policies regarding the virus, rather than from the virus, but also devastating damage to an economy that was roaring, and to small business owners who simply can’t survive shutting down their means of survival.

Our governments are spending massive amounts of money they don’t have on flawed policies, and our economies are losing a massive amount of momentum on these flawed policies.  Politicians tell us that the damage is worth it in order to save a handful of lives, yet we are losing other lives as a result of the policies, and it is highly possible that latter number is higher.  Others may tell you that they were simply following orders, doing what they were told, or at least doing what they believe is in line with policies set by their superiors.
They would have made good troops for dictators in the last century.  You know, like the Nazi officials did eighty years ago when they said they were simply following orders, or like the communist officials did in the last century when they claimed they were simply carrying out orders.
And, as a result, people are dying, and economic hope for the future is vanishing.
Sweden and Japan decided not to take the route we took, and they claim their number of deaths are very low.

How many deaths may we expect from the coming economic problems on the horizon?  In Russia, after the Berlin Wall came down, it is believed five million deaths occurred simply as a result of the economic upheaval from that time period.  Are we going to see those kinds of numbers as a result of the economic difficulties caused by the lockdown orders in our modern world?  And if so, at what point do we realize the lockdown orders were more devastating than the virus could ever have been?

Some countries in the world, if they follow our lead when it comes to coronavirus policies, may literally obliterate themselves, and never recover.  How is that good for the nations who survive? How well will the surviving nations do afterward?  Or will they, too, wind up like a third world country unable to get the spinning wheel of their economy going again?

I’ve heard stories of patients who stopped receiving care and they died as a result, because facilities were trying to make room for the COVID-19 cases that never arrived.  Wasn’t their lives worth saving?  The treatments of some of these patients that is being stopped in the name of making room for coronavirus patients gave these people hope, and gave them comfort as they suffered in pain.  Now, they are dying because their treatments are being postponed.  Is that our new policy going forward?  Unless you have the virus we don’t care if you are in pain or die?

The population bomb radicals have got to be pretty happy about that.
What has the cost to the health industry been?  Are those numbers being ignored, too?  We are told we are cold and heartless if we don’t agree with the coronavirus policies, but aren’t we being cold and heartless to another segment of the population if we do?  At what point will we realize that the coronavirus policies have done more damage than good?  Or will we even admit that as a possibility?
What does any of that matter if we destroy the economy, and everyone dies as a result?

Better safe than sorry, I am told.

At what cost?
How many people have to die as a result of the cure before we are unwilling to admit that the lockdown policies were wrong, and caused more damage than the virus ever could have?
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