By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host 

Tyranny deceives.  Tyranny lies to convince you it is doing what is best for the community good.  And then, when you have doubts, they use their own agencies to approve things so as to convince you that it is all okay.  Besides, its not like the government is doing anything illegal, right?

Everything the NAZIs did in Germany during the thirties and forties of the previous century was legal, according to their laws that they themselves had passed.

Slavery was once legal in America, and the courts upheld the practice as being legal in a number of cases, including Dredd Scott.

On August 23 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the COVID-19 from Pfizer and BioNTech for people 16 and older.  And, now that the approval is in place, the tyrants have their “it’s legal” excuse to mandate arm jabs, and the blue States and U.S. Military are jumping all over it.  After all, what are you worried about?  The tyrants in the federal government used their own agency to approve the use of the shot, so what are you worried about?  It’s all legal, you know.

And if you want to resist, your children are going to be used as pawns in this game of tyranny.  No vaccine?  No masks for your kids?  No problem.  The federal government is planning to sue anybody who stands in the way of them forcing your children into compliance by claiming that they have a “right” to a safe education free from fear or danger, and for you to defy the vaccine and mask mandates you are standing in the way of your children receiving their “14th Amendment Guaranteed” right to education, therefore the government has the authority to force their will upon you and your children in the name of your rights.  Resistance is futile.  But, don’t worry, the coercion is for your own good.  Government has your best interest in mind.  Compliance is patriotic.  Resistance is insurrection, misinformation is propaganda, and the actions of a person who defies any government orders a sign that they need to be reeducated so that they don’t believe any of those conspiracy theories that have not been approved by government.

The authoritarian police states in Australia and Europe have gone even further.  In France stores are denying people food and water if they don’t have a vaccine passport.  In Australia arrests and fines in that COVID police state is the norm, with one police chief saying “there are 681 penalty infringement notices issued in the last 24 hours. More than 400 of those notices were again for people being outside of their homes without a reasonable excuse.”

Right here in some jurisdictions in the United States, even in “red states”, if you are sick with COVID you are ordered into isolation, and resistance to those orders issued by your overlords could result in jail time.  And in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio says that he will make sure kids are vaccinated, and I am assuming despite what the parents have to say about it.  The FDA is expected to approve vaccines for under 16 as early as September. His exact words? “So let’s get to those 5-11 year-olds.”

The argument is that if you don’t comply, you are killing people.  Funny, they don’t seem to care when human beings are slaughtered by the millions in their mother’s wombs.

Liberty is about choice.  If you have assessed the risk, you should then be able to make your decisions about those risks.  And if a business wants to cater to folks who have decided not to be fearful of a virus in an extreme manner, that is their decision as well.  If you don’t like it, don’t shop or eat there.  Government has no business mandating to folks if they can leave their homes, if they can shop, and what businesses are allowed to operate and how they are supposed to operate.  Unfortunately, in totalitarian dictatorships, that wee bit of reasoning about liberty means nothing to them.

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