By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Valdimir Lenin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and George Orwell all taught us that to keep a totalitarian system going you must constantly have perpetual enemies seeking to stop your “revolution”.  This keeps the public in a continuous “us against them” mindset so that they continue to do anything you want … you know, because if the enemies of the state gain any ground it could mean an end to the equality of misery under the socialist system in place, which, according to the elite leadership would result in worse conditions and a complete collapse of society.  Domestic terrorists, COVID-19, and Climate Change are only the beginning…

The Constant Enemy:  Like any good tyrannical regime (just like all of the communists before them in other countries) anyone serving the prior administration are being driven out.  Misinformation (disagreement with their policies) are also being targeted, not only on social media, but the Biden Administration has said that spreading misinformation could even result in your banking account being shut down.  Plans to monitor your banking is also in the works. In order to practice their tyranny, the opposition must be portrayed not only as an enemy, and a dangerous enemy, but threats by that enemy must be constantly reported to the people to keep them in fear, and ready to turn in anyone who dares to stand against the authority of the government.  With Constitution Day in our rearview mirror we realize their prediction was garbage…but, when it was on the horizon, the government was warning of the potential for “domestic terrorist activities”; an insurrection like the one perpetrated on January 6, 2021 by those dangerous Trump supporting, white supremacist, conservative radicals. … since they didn’t get the insurrection they predicted, watch for a manufactured one in the near future.
Keep them scared, promise safety, and you will have a herd of sheep that will follow you anywhere…like the Pied Piper who led rats through the streets.
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