By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
Dr. Marc Siegel reporting regarding Jeffrey Epstein death in jail by hanging with a bed sheet on The Ingraham Angle (guest hosted by Jason Chaffetz) on Fox News:  “Multiple fractures in the neck are more consistent with a homicidal strangling than a suicide…homicide’s a possibility.”

Who would benefit most from Epstein’s death?

The liberal left is claiming that President Donald J. Trump was somehow behind Epstein’s death.  But, Jeffrey hung out with liberal Hollywood types and Democrat political elites.  Therefore, the secrets in the man’s head probably were more about people like the Clintons, and their fellow lefties.  Which brings up a new question … should we add Epstein’s death to the Clinton list of dead, or was there somebody else in the leftwing shop of horrors who wanted the human trafficking pedophile song bird dead?

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