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● “Border Walls Don’t Work,” but the Democrats, through Nancy Pelosi, plan to spend more than a $100 million erecting barriers around the Capitol.

● The Democrats imagined that Trump colluded with Russia, and that was bad; but evidence shows that the Democrats colluded with Iran against Trump, and that is okay.

● It is believed that Trump supporters breached the Capitol on January 6th after Trump incited the violence, making such a situation a “riot” and “siege” that makes all Trump supporters domestic terrorists, even though the evidence says otherwise; but bombing the Capitol in 1983, and then pardoning Susan Rosenberg for her part in that bombing during the Clinton Administration (so that she can later be a part of funding a domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter) is not only okay, but she is not considered a domestic terrorist by the left.

● The liberal left fought for decades to ensure special rights and appropriate accomodations for the disabled, but any disability that interferes with someone’s ability to wear a face covering during the scamdemic is not recognized nor tolerated.

● Sanctuary cities, counties and States violating federal immigration law is fine, but sanctuary cities or counties rejecting the face covering mandates is criminal and should not be allowed.

● Sanctuary cities, counties and States violating federal immigration law is fine, but sanctuary States like North Dakota who demand that our right to keep and bear arms remains preserved are attacked.

● The Democrats claim all Republicans are racist, but look the other way when their President infers that blacks and Hispanics are too dumb to understand the internet.

● Racism is bad, unless Coca-Cola tells you to “be less white.”

● The rhetoric about raising the age to own a firearm has been a mainstay among the liberal left, and many Republicans.  Folks under twenty-one are just not mature enough to own firearms, we’ve been told.  However, for something as complex and in need of maturity like voting is something they are pushing to lower the age for … to 16.

● The rich get rich and the poor get poorer, say the leftists, but they are also pushing to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.  Wealthy corporations will simply adjust their strategies to use more automation and less employees (spiking the unemployment rate) and raise prices (spiking the cost of living) to cover the threat of an increase of the cost of doing business.  In the long run the rich and the large corporations would be largely unaffected, and the number of folks in poverty would increase as the power of their dollars shrink and the number of unemployed will increase thanks to smaller businesses unable to compete in the arena of a higher cost of doing business closing their doors, and larger corporations letting people go to cut costs and replace them with automation.

● The liberal left claims they are the party of science, but calls objective math racist and a form of white supremacy.  In other words, seeking the correct answer is racist and a form of white supremacy.  Is that not a back-handed way of saying that non-white performers are less capable of achieving correct answers?

● The left claims we are guilty of having systemic racism in this country, but have to make up false flag situations to try to convince you that the claim is true.

Anti-Racism training in the schools teaches that the best way to end discrimination is to discriminate against white people … until they cry uncle, apologize for things they may not be personally guilty of, and they kneel on the ground to wallow in their guilt.  In short, the left’s way to battle discrimination is with discrimination.

Somehow cross-dressing (trans-gender) and killing babies (abortion) are related to each other.

● The seeking of establishing a master race by the NAZIs was a bad thing, but Democrats doing it is just a part of the game.

● NAZI concentration camps and Japanese internment camps during World War II were evil, but setting up camps by the CDC is fine.

● Since border cities are rejecting the Democrat Party’s immigration policies, illegal aliens are simply being sent further into the United States … to red states … to dilute the vote … to influence elections that the liberal left says they have not manipulated … but you’ll be shut down if you claim the election was stolen.

● Speaking of stealing elections, H.R. 1 is designed to legalize the fraudulent methods the Democrats used to steal the 2020 election, even though, you know, they said they didn’t, despite a plethora of evidence saying otherwise

H.R. 40 seeks reparations for blacks (even though the Constitution says there will be no corruption of blood, meaning the sins of your ancestors are not your sins), even though reparations have been paid continuously through redistribution of wealth programs like Welfare and Food Stamps, largely thanks to liberal left policies that emerged in the 1960s during the Great Society raw deal.

Americans don’t know their own history, but just in case, the left supports re-writing history and tearing down statues because bad history must be forgotten history … even though those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.  You know, because you are wise because of the right decisions you made in your life, right?

● The vaccine was bad because Trump ordered it, until it became good because now Biden is president, but you must get the vaccine so that you don’t die from COVID, even though the vaccine is what has been killing people, both adults and children, but, don’t worry, there’s a reasonable explanation for the dangerous side effects emerging after the second dose.

● The Capitol Siege was horrific, even though it wasn’t, and it was incited by Trump’s speech, even though it was pre-planned, and it was caused by Trump supporters, even though the evidence shows it was infiltrators…

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