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At this point I am sure most of you are aware that I am moving out of the State of California in a couple weeks. A lot is going on the next few weeks, so here’s a schedule of what’s going on. Please make sure you get a chance to see me before I go…

  • Thursday, June 20, 10 am, Beaumont: Final regular class for the Beaumont area at the Presbyterian Church on Euclid and Seventh.
  • Thursday, June 20, 5 pm, Carlsbad: Vista finished the Constitution last Thursday, and we will have our final get-together for that class at the Yard House in Carlsbad (another email will be forthcoming in a few minutes with more detail). All folks who wish to join us are invited.
  • Friday, June 21, 6 pm, Third to last class in Torrance, should be wrapping up the War Between the States by the end of class.
  • Saturday, June 22, 1 pm, Constitution Radio – still not fully funded, I may be on the air, but it is possible it may be Alan and Dennis without me since a moving truck will be my priority that day. I will post the details as they become available.
  • Sunday, June 23 through Thursday, June 27th I will be in Oregon moving most of my things up there, meeting with roofers, and getting my internet set up at the house. No live in-person classes that week except for the Torrance Class on Friday, and the Online Class at on Tuesday at 4 pm.
  • Friday, June 28 will be the second to last class in Torrance, we should be finished with nearly all of the amendments by then.
  • Saturday, June 29 will be the second to last Constitution Radio program performed live from my office in Southern California. The show, if funded, should remain on the air, but I will miss the July 6 episode since that is the day of my final move. Help fund the radio program HERE, or HERE and keep being a part of the support for my efforts by becoming a Patron HERE. That night at 9 pm will also be an episode of Mr. Constitution Hour at
  • Monday, July 1, tentatively 11 am, the Beaumont Class will be meeting at the Mexico Cafe in San Bernardino for one final get together — all folks who wish to join us are invited.
  • Monday, July 1, 6 pm, Chino will be having its final class at Archibald’s off of Central and the 71 freeway in Chino Hills. Arrive early for fellowship and discussion.
  • Tuesday, July 2, 11 am, Fallbrook will be having its final class at Emanuel Baptist Church, 911 Elder Street, and the pastor has offered to host a bar-b-que afterward at the church.
  • Tuesday, July 2, 7 pm, the California Republican Assembly group in Rancho Cucamonga will have me as a public speaker for an event, details forthcoming in a future email
  • Wednesday, July 3, time to be announced, one last meeting for the Constitution Association at Siggy’s in Murrieta, but I plan to stay long after the meeting to talk to anyone who wishes to join us. As with all of these other dates, a future email is forthcoming.
  • Wednesday, July 3, time and place to be announced, dinner with Mr. Constitution in San Diego.
  • Thursday, July 4, 9:30 am, Air and Space Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego, I will participate in a Declaration of Independence reading and bell ceremony (this is the same event I participated in on Independence Day in Washington D.C. last year). Everyone is invited, there is no admission cost.
  • Thursday, July 4, after the Declaration of Independence event, lunch with Mr. Constitution. Just an idea at this point…
  • Friday, July 5, 6 pm in Torrance we will have the final Constitution Class in Southern California, followed by a potluck — please join us even if you haven’t been a member of the class. I would like to see you one more time if we haven’t had the chance.
  • Saturday, July 6, 3 pm, D-Day (Departure Day). After my final Constitution Radio program performed live from my office in Southern California (help fund my efforts HERE, or HERE and keep being a part of the support for my efforts by becoming a Patron HERE) my wife and I will be making our final trip to Oregon as Californians and return in the future as visitors from out-of-state.

Future dates of return as a public speaker (emails in the future will be provided with details):

  • September 9: Paso Robles
  • September 12: Torrance
  • September 13: Fallbrook
  • September 14: Murrieta (Constitution Association annual dinner with Sheriff Chad Bianco)

Stay tuned for more details as they become available not only through my emails, but also at

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