By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

That’s right, the federal government believes that justice must be doled out based on the color of your skin…you know, because apparently the only way to fight racism is with racism.

This, of course, violates the principles of the founding of the country.  All men are created equal, there is to be no preferential treatment among the citizenry.  Of course, my left-wing friends and visitors to this site will then say something along the line that you can’t be racist against white people, and the reason for that is the presence of slavery in America during the founding era.

  • First of all, while most slaves were indeed black (because Africans were selling these slaves to the white slave and Hispanic slave traders), slavery was not based on color in America, there were white slaves as well, though in a much smaller number.
  • Less than five percent of the slaves delivered by the Atlantic Slave Trade went to America, and by January 1, 1808, based on the Constitution’s clause in Article I, Section 9, U.S. Participation in the Atlantic Slave Trade was made illegal.  Mexico and other Central American countries, Caribbean countries like Cuba, and South America got the bulk of the slaves … so those of you who claim to be Hispanic and scream at white people about their “slavery past,” look in the mirror.  By the way, it was the Spanish settlers who were more of an agent of slaughter against the native peoples as well (you’ve heard of Cortez’, right?)
  • Finally, the definition of racism is to judge or make assumptions based on someone’s skin color, or to treat them differently based on their skin color; regardless of which skin color is the target…including whites.

The creation of a Chief Diversity Officer position in the Department of Justice is a slap in the face of everyone who fought in the Civil Rights arena, a slap in the face to everyone who fought and died in the War Between the States, and it is simply an ideological move that is being ushered in by the Cultural Marxism attack against this country. Those of you who support this kind of madness, open your eyes, you are a mindless and temporarily useful pawn in an infiltration and invasion strategy by communism.

Look deeper than your surface emotions, and the deceit you have been fed.

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