By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Elizabeth Warren has exited the race.  Mike Bloomberg says he’s in it until the end, but he doesn’t matter because he doesn’t have a chance … even if it is a brokered convention (update: Bloomberg stepped out of the race on March 4).  Besides, like the front-runners, he’s just another old white guy.  Tulsi Gabbart says she’s not leaving, but she has only one delegate.  So, the lone female remaining in the Democrat Party field that used to boast it was the most diverse, doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell.  The Democrat Party race for the nomination for President of the United States, a party that rails against the GOP for being the party of old white guys, is down to Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden, a couple of white guys who are also both older than President Donald J. Trump.  Does that mean the Democrat Party is racist, or misogynistic?  If it was the GOP, that would be the claim.

Regardless of race, color, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sex, orientation, or immigration status, in the end the Democrat Party offerings are really no different than as it was in the beginning.  The choice is simply, as a Democrat, between an openly proud socialist, or a socialist who is simply really good at hiding his true political ideology.  They both also come across as having some major mental health issues (one for his gaffes … both physical and verbal, and the other for his unhealthy hate of free market systems), but, I suppose that is beside the point, since liberalism is a mental disorder in the first place.

After all of the Quintet dice are rolled, the truth is that for the Democrats all hope is lost.  If you are a Democrat voter you are faced with an interesting dilemma.  Choose Bernie and admit that the party has gone socialist, continue to be liars about the truth of who the Democrats really are by nominating Biden, or crossover to the other side and vote for Donald J. Trump.  Your fellow Democrats may hate you for it, but at least you’ll be voting to keep America great.

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