Constitution Study Radio - Douglas V. Gibbs 

Constitution Study Radio - Douglas V. Gibbs is going through the Constitution clause by clause in half hour episodes. All past episodes are available by archive at this web address. You can also find the first 650+ episodes of the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution at this website address.  This program also is available on I-Tunes, and is accessed by patriots around the world.  New episodes air every Sunday Morning, and a new journey through the Constitution began January 4, 2014.



Douglas V. Gibbs As a pioneer of the Internet Radio industry, Douglas V. Gibbs appears on a variety of programs. First, as a host with Wide Awakes Radio in 2006, then Doug joined the BlogTalkRadio Network in February of 2007. His Political Pistachio Radio Revolution was a mainstay of Internet Radio until the final episode on July 31, 2011. The program was listened to by an audience around the world. On August 6, 2011 Doug moved his show to terrestrial radio at KCAA 1050 AM out of San Bernardino, California. His Constitution Radio program combines news and commentary with the wisdom of the U.S. Constitution. Doug also currently co-hosts American Daily Review on BTR, as well as hosting his own Constitution Study program.