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  • California Democrat Proposes Bill Calling for Compulsory Voting
    • Should Voting be a Legal Obligation?
    • Assemblyman Marc Levine introduced a bill last week that would essentially require every registered voter to cast a ballot — even if it’s an empty one.
    • Levine wrote in a news release addressing the proposal, known as AB 2070, that other nations such as Belgium and Australia already have rules about compulsory ballot casting, and the United States — or at least California — should join them.
    • Democracy is not a spectator sport — it requires the active participation of all its citizens,” said Levine, a Democrat representing parts of Marin and Sonoma counties, in a statement.
  • Trump Campaign Reacts To Report Bloomberg Could Tap Crooked Hillary To Be His VP: ‘Hillary Apparently Can’t Resist Trying to Steal the Nomination From Bernie Sanders a Second Time’
  • Author Lee Smith: ‘We Knew the Clinton Campaign was Giving Information to FBI – It Now Appears FBI was Giving Information to Clinton Campaign as Well’
  • Could Coronavirus in China lead to an increase in manufacturing in the United States?
  • Roger Stone Calls for Retrial 
  • Trump Budget Cuts aim at ending deficit by 2035
    • 2021 proposal would reduce size and reach of the federal bureaucracy by shifting government responsibilities back to constitutional priorities and empowering state and local governments.
    • 2021 proposal includes cutting spending by $4.4 trillion
    • Individual tax cuts extended, automatic tax in crease in 2026 cancelled
  • Attorney General William Barr: Department of Justice will take significant actions against efforts by so-called progressive local and state governments that obstruct immigration federal law enforcement activities
    • Trump administration announces lawsuits against sanctuary cities
  • After releasing Sondberg and Vindman, Trump fires 70 positions inherited from former President Barack Obama.
  • Conservative lawmakers in at least nine states introduce legislation to ban medical providers from helping boys and girls undergo a medical transition via surgery and/or hormone replacement therapy before they turn 18
    • Some of the bills would make it a felony to prescribe hormones or perform related surgeries for minors.

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