In response to criminal CO Sec of State Jena Griswold’s unlawfully making rules against an audit of Colorado’s election in 2020:

UPDATE: Please do what you can to help below. From the Voter Integrity
group that I work with:
“Subject: Action Items in Response to Griswold Audit Announcement
Please find below action items that need to be spread far and wide in
Colorado to let the SOS know that she has now pushed the people of this state
too far….time for the boomerang effect !!!
Common Law notices and affidavits from Linda:
Here is the first in a series of Common Law Notices and Affidavits that
need to be pumped. This is being used in other states and have been effective in
the push for audits. Will you please post on your Facebook Pages, etc., and all
for participation. This week we saw 7,000 affidavits delivered to the MI Capital
in one big dump. I’d love to do that with our affidavits when it’s time, but we
we will probably just have them mailed. The first step in holding Jena Griswold
to account is for us, We the People, to point out to her that she does not have
the power to stop an audit. Please share this far and wide.
Print off 3 copies and mail them to the SOS and the General Assembly.
There are instructions along with the file to be downloaded. It only takes the
cost of some stamps and the printing, and a little bit of your time.
Share it! Share again. And share it again!

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