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If anyone can gift wrap a turd, put a bow on it and label AB 329 in such innocuous, moral terms, those heterophobic bigots that dominate Sacramento state politics have created a propagandist, agenda laden masterpiece. After all, who can possibly argue with the precept of “healthy youth?”

Until one looks under the hood, so to speak.

I viewed the material. While doing so, I got a visual of children being bused to Castro Street in San Francisco to receive state sanctioned sex education from a pedophilic Larry Flint sporting breast implants while dressed in drag.

This is material that last year would have landed a teacher in jail as a registered sex offender if they “shared” it with children.

The material encourages underage sexual activities with instruction as to how “anything goes” physically works. There was also a book titled “”s.e.x. the-all-you-need-to-know to get you through your teens and twenties” by Heather Corrina. It has chapters about, among other things, mouth to anus and every other possible combination of sexual organs and other orifices as well as participation by at least three “genders”, mutual masturbation, gender identity, sexual orientation, pansexuality, “sexual entertainment media” (porn), and much more. The forward is for “parents, teachers, mentors, and others who care about teens and emerging adults.” The school curriculum seems to be a condensed and cropped version of Corinna’s book.

Self described sex educator Corrina has a degree in Humanities and has worked with young children. She had an adult erotica site, which was discontinued by the hosting provider. Corinna also has a “Scarlateena” sexual advice website geared to teenagers. She has a “sexual health champion award” by “Options for Sexual Health” which, with admittedly cursory information, appears to be a Canadian version of Planned Parenthood.

AB 329 sex education curriculum serves to undermine parental authority. Underage kids can be furtive enough about their out of sight activities without being encouraged to circumvent their parents at every turn concerning underage sex and abortion. As well, it purposely pushes gender confusion on kids.

This is straight from the “smash monogamy” and other related agenda from extremist student organizations in the ‘60s, through the pipeline of those who occupied administration buildings, got educational degrees, became faculty and “educated” the current crop of activist politicians, brainwashed academics and ideology laden “journalists.”

This is an opt out, not opt in program. The material I viewed came from a teacher who will be assigned to teach this program. There is an ostensible offer to allow parents to view the material, but if this is done at the school office some of the more egregious material may be held back. The school district may mail the parental notice at the last minute or present it in a deceptive manner.

There needs to be some cages rattled on this issue..

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