By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host
Last Saturday my political efforts in California climaxed with the Constitution Association Annual Dinner where Father Josiah Trenham and KrisAnne Hall amazed the audience with incredibly informational and inspirational speeches.  I departed the hall after the event knowing two things.  One, it was the best of all of them we’ve done (this was the fourth annual), and two, for the first time since we’ve been hosting these events our fundraising portion did not reach our goals … and in fact fell so far short that paying the bills associated with the event was going to be difficult.

I have been full-throttle in politics all my life, but especially during the last decade and a half with my constitution classes, and associated endeavors.  And, to be honest, I am tired.

So, I took a week off.

The following morning (last Sunday) my wife and I packed up and got on the road to Oregon where we spent most of the week getting work done up there (future home for us, likely this year), and relaxing.  My computer remained off the entire time (except to watch movies) and my contact online was limited to only an email to let everyone know I would not be back by Wednesday.  I did play a lot of solo-pool

We got home on Thursday, and I have been essentially sleeping and wandering aimlessly around the house ever since.  The exhaustion over what I do (with a body that would be considered disabled in some circles), plus the brutal long-distance drive to and back from Oregon, took its toll.

I even slept through the MTRA Meeting Friday Night, of which I never miss.

I woke up this morning realizing that I not only had been absent from the MTRA event, but that it was my responsibility to bring sodas (and I obviously dropped the ball on that one).

Now, while I am still an object not in motion, it is time to get moving again … starting with today’s Constitution Radio program on KMET 1490-AM at 1pm.

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