This page will include video and print workshop materials to assist in the following (and likely more):

  • Civic Engagement: How To, Keys to a successful engagement
  • Gun Awareness, Safety, and "How To" Gun Classes (Bill Rice)
  • Petitions (How to prepare and participate)
  • How to Prepare (community prepping) (Bill Rice)
  • How to prepare for financial collapse or crises (Brady Fuchs)
  • How to organize and teach Constitution Classes
  • How to use Letters of Intent and attacking local bonds
  • Sheriffs: How to communicate with them and ensure you have a constitutional sheriff
  • How to recall local officials (Greg Ekman)
  • Vetting Candidates: How To, Paperwork to help you get started
  • Form a Constitution Association chapter
  • Online Marketplace (Haydee Sperling)

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