Political Engagement

Political Engagement takes many forms.  In the United States, as a citizen (the highest political office of the land) it is important that we rally, attend political meetings such as school board meetings and city council meetings, meet with our representatives, petition, and engage in the public square in a manner that follows the law and is peaceable in nature.  Being informed and being a advocate are a must.  Constant communication with the folks who operate in our system of government is imperative.  We can do this as a member of a group, or as an individual. Some groups even have a board to represent the people that then addresses our representatives for us (with our attendance included, of course).  Taking back this country begins with our communities, then our counties, our States, and ultimately the federal government.  But, it all starts locally.  This page is under construction but will be designed to assist you in your journey to be more politically engaged by showing you how, and where to plug in.

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