The project began as an idea to have a local alternative newspaper called "Constitution News Weekly."  The project has since changed, with the small, two page newspaper becoming the monthly handout at Constitution Association meetings,  and Constitution News Quarterly evolving into a quarterly magazine/book hybrid that is due out sometime during 2014 with its first issue.  The publication magazine currenly has seven writers, and is being formatted for a Summer of 2014 launch.  The magazine is designed to cover stories that have a constitutional connection, and issues that are not being discussed in the general media.

Constitution News Quarterly will encourage similar stories to be provided to the publication from around the nation by freelance writers.  We are in a war, and the opposition is determined to destroy the Constitution, not only at the national level, but locally as well.  This nation can be turned around, but not just through Washington, but by one local government at a time.  This magazine will inform people regarding what is going on in local politics, as well as national politics, and encourage people to be involved.

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